MECH/CIVIL- Inplant Training

1. CAD Computer Aided Design


Checking Your Drawings

Object Snap


Object Properties

Trimming and Extending

Offsetting Objects


Introduction to 3D

Creating Solid Primitives

Creating Models from 2D Profiles

Creating Composite Solids

Editing Solid Models

Getting Information from 3D Objects

2. Microstation-V8i-3D

AccuDraw in 3D

Smartline & Modify

Cells, Patterns & Complex Elements

Manipulating and modifying 3D models


Working with Dynamic Views


Tool Palettes

Dimensions and Resolution

Transforming and Cropping

Pen Tool and Paths

Creating Special Effects

Importing Vector Graphics


Tool Palettes

Drawing with Flash

Shape tween

Selection Tool and Masking Techniques

Motion Guide Paths


Student's Studio

Website: RecycleIndia

Velammal Engg college

Website: BlossomInterior

SA engg college
Third, CSE

more projects


"I take this opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for making my life take a turn. I Boredom of classrooms and learning from books made me hate developing something. But once i took up this opportunity of in plant training here, everything changed. The interactive teaching, the interesting topics that were discussed made me realize many things. My sincere thanks to their faculty as they clarified all our doubts and encouraged us to implement new ideas. Hats off to u Guys.." –Arjun

"I hereby thank UNIQ technologies for the best support they have given me throughout my in plant training. I came to know a lot from the training. Usually we all think knowledge from the books is enough. But it is not. There is a lot more than that. UNIQ technologies made me realize that bookish knowledge is not only enough. We were given a well monitored training process and we were made to implement all our ideas. We were treated in a friendly way and all of us were given individual attention. That is not given anywhere else. Thank u all for making it very useful." –Siva Shankar

"I had an wonderful experience throughout my in plant training at UNIQ technologies. The way they carved out the training was awesome. We were first analyzed for our strength and weakness and then according to that we were given individual training. The concepts were well explained by the faculty and we were given demo whenever required and it helped us develop on our own. The material and the resources given by them are very much useful and cannot be compared to any other." –Ramesh Prabhu