Inplant Training In Android

Android App Development

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Day 1: Introduction
        What is mobile operating system
        Mobile Operating systems available in market
        What is android
        Android version history
        Android architecture

Day 2: Android Installation
        Tools used for android
        Android installation process
        Creating AVD
        Android Helloworld app
        Android flow of execution

Day 3: Activity life cycle and View Group
        Activity life cycle
        View Group(Layouts)
        Linear layout
        Absolute layout
        Table layout
        Relative layout
        Scroll View

Day 4: Android Views
        Text view, Edit Text
        Button, Seek Bar
        Checkbox, Radio button, Toggle button
        onClickListener, onCheckedChangelistener

Day 5: Location provider and Publishing App
        Tracking Current location using GPS and Network Provider
        exporting android apk file to publish in Market


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inplant training in android